Our Mission

Dite Analytics was launched as a response to the lack of affordability of analytics for businesses. In an ever-changing economic landscape where every business decision is crucial, Dite strives to give it’s clients the capability to make the best choices based on the data at hand. Our goal is to provide our customers reliable and actionable insights as a subscription that won’t break the bank.

Our Team

Abraar Khan

Founder | CEO

Abraar founded the company after asking his dad, a small business owner, the question: who analyzes your excels? With his skills in the industry as a developer, Abraar went to work creating a method of providing reporting that would lead to the creation of Dite Analytics. Coming from a small business background, Abraar was adament the forefront his Dite’s goals be providing the service so that it is accessible by those who can get the most use out of it.

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